Highlights of March 2014


Highlights of March 2014
- Vlinder helping me with planking, by jumping on my back
- Running with the Junkies, not as much as I wanted this month though
- Having a job interview! (ending up not taking the job for many reasons)
- Having a Le Champion Volunteers Party with Udjen
- Getting my ‘Confirmation of Entry’ for the Rotterdam Marathon
- Running a really really really tough and very hot haf marathon in The Hague
- Being sick for days
- Dying my hair….nope no one died…
- My bike is ready!!
- Running a 30k race here in Almere with some other Junkies
- Went to see the Backstreet Boys in Rotterdam
- Finally I made it into the Run2Day magazine
- Volunteering and having lots of fun at the first Dutch Electric Run in Amsterdam
- Running in Zandvoort, 12k over the racetrack (car) and the beach

Highlights of March 31th


Highlights of March 31th
- After a really good talk with the people who help you with finding a new job and with your money, I went on a shopping spree…..getting myself this cute little dress…..and paying €1,- for it…HA!
- Nice! Yesterdays teampictures are online! Aren’t we an awesome dynamic trio?!*
- YES! It’s such a happy picture! This one is made by the Dreamteam photographer when we were still in our starting area*
- And some nice
- pictures of us
- on our way
- to the finishline*

*Pictures not by me (Runner’s World)

Highlights of March 30th


Highlights of March 30th
- Waking up early after 3 hours of sleep last night……soooo tired!
- We had to go to Zandvoort, to run a 12k race, over the racetrack (car) and over the beach. While prepping Wilbert made this nice picture of us*
- Lianne was already done with her race so she was cheering us on*
- And made some cute running/waving/smiling pictures* Today’s race was really fun, well I had fun. It was very hot and it is a really tough race. There were a lot of Junkies everywhere and somehow we are like magnets, we just keep bumping in to eachother. Udjen and me made sure we would bump into Lianne when we parked the car haha so that was no coincidence. When we arrived we immediately saw this years Dreamteam (remember….Udjen and Nydia were Dreamteamers last year) so we talked with Rob and Marius for a while. Then we bumped into Renée while we were on our way to make a teampicture. On our way back to the start (to drop of Lianne) we spotted Joanna who was almost at the finish line. Later on we found Joanna again. Together with her partner Pieter and her daughters we cheered for Lianne and we also spotted Christophe. Then it was time for Udjen and me to get race ready, and the magnet was beaming…there were Wilbert and Harald, bumping into Tomas with his bike on his neck (flat tyre), waving with Nydia, Thomas and Amrit. Then we stepped foot in our starting area….oh hello….there are Thomas and Amrit again haha. Almost ready for the start Oh look Udjen there is the Dreamteam photographer, let’s say hai! Okay ready, set, GO!  On the race track we spotted Elly, talked a bit and then it was time for her to speed things up and for us to wave at Lianne. Then suddenly the Dreamteam coach passed us….grrrrr….and then he stopped…..5 minutes later he passed us again!! And we waved to Lianne again haha. Then we got of the track and made our way to the beach HEY NYDIA! WHOOOO…she cheered us on and ran along for a few meters…nice! Oh another moment of yelling, smiling and waving cause there is Joanna & co! Finally we got to the beach and omg not again! There was the Dreamteam coach again! Staph it! After the beach we made our way through Zanvoort, suddenly from one of the cafe terraces we heard someone shouting our names again: it was our own Ryan! ‘UDJEN, EVA! YOU CAN DO IT GIRLS!!’ Udjen smiled and waved and I was going like this ‘WHOOOOOOOHOOOOOO RYANNNNNNNNNNN’ and waving like it was 1999….yeah I guess I had fun…then while we were making our way to the finishline there were the Junkies agian, screaming and shouting and waving (I spotted Nydia, Thomas, Yoshi, Amrit…not sure if I saw more (if there were more) or that my memory is failing on me right now). Then after the finish omg yet again….the dreamteam coach…he was waiting for us haha. After that we saw Christophe again and Nydia, Thomas, Amrit, Yoshi, Glen, Rianne, Wilbert, Harald…..so it was a fun day!
- Nydia also made this after-race-picture of Udjen and me*
- And we had to make this photobooth picture haha (Eva the rednoserundeer….)*
- I know I said to Udjen that the water look so refreshing while running the beach….but I guess my GPS acted on that….I really didn’t went for a swim!

Long story short….we ran this 12k and it was a fun day ;-)

*Picture not by me (Wilbert / Lianne / Nydia / RW Photobooth)

Highlights of March 29th


Highlights of March 29th
- Playing and cuddling with Kiwi last night
- OMG WTF FML my Junkies singlet is covered with stains!!! (this is afetr washing it! AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH
- Getting ready for the Electric Run tonight in Amsterdam
- Junkie girls Lianne, Udjen, Monique, Irene and me were one of the volunteer teams. First we had to create little bags of sand*
- Put the little bags in big balloons, together with a flickering light and blow them up*
- Then we moved from backstage to the Rainbow Road to cheer on the runners*
- And then party! Here I am with my wednesday crew!*

*Picture not by me (Udjen / Lianne)

Highlights of March 28th


Highlights of March 28th
- Eating my breakfast
- Getting my BIB for sunday’s race
- I’m in the new Run2Day magazine!
- What? What did I do? No I don’t know why the police is standing there, what they are writing and for who….
- Ha….silly Pooh*
- Fixed my baggy pants, not really showing in the picture and eh well to lazy to find the words to explain…sorry
- Love this album of Milky Chance*

*Picture not by me (9Gag / Google)

Highlights of March 27th


Highlights of March 27th
- Apparently there was some noise around 6am….not sure if this is me while I’m sleeping or one of the cats
- Playing fetch with Kiwi
- Watching Red Tails*
- Diana*
- 3 Days to Kill*
- And one of my favorites: The Perks of Being a Wallflower*
- Today I had some sort of offline day from social media*

*Picture not by me (Google)

Highlights of March 26th


Highlights of March 26th
- Kiwi is watching Hercules this morning
- Okay why are so many girls rocking that messy hairstyle and I’m like meh….maybe not…
- Picking up my new shoes! Finally!
- Went for a walk at the Vondelpark, had some time to kill
- Enjoying the spring weather
- Was volunteering today to help hand out starting packages for the Electric Run, got to keep the shirt
- Blossom at night