Highlights of July 25th


Highlights of July 25th
– Waking up with Vlinder and a nice breeze from outside
– Eating some breakfast…yup white bread and chocolate, very healthy
– Laughing about how Muis is stalking Vlinder, she looks at her like she is wondering ‘What are you doing Vlinder? Can I help you? Can we play? Cuddle? Do stuff together? Like always? And forever?’
– Nice sky before I went out for a little run
– After 6,5km I had to take a little break, I ate to much chips (oops) before the run and between 3km and 4km I was talking on the phone while running, not to good for the stomach…
– Nice view though and no I’m not trying to push over that fence….it’s a fairly bridge above the highway….so let’s not push over any fences shall we?!
– My little run around the block…a 8,7km for tonight

Highlights of July 24th


Highlights of July 24th
– Four years after I bought these slippers at New York I suddenly see that it says NY on the footbed….geezzz and usually I always notice the little details….
– Throwback Thursday: when I had a wet pussy in the shower….haha this is my love Billy, he loved to take showers with me. The first time he did this I was home alone (yes with Vlinder, Kiwi and Billy) and was taking a shower. Suddenly the shower curtain started to move and I thought I would die of an heart attack, then it slowely opened….I thought….oh here we go….Psycho….but it opened just a little bit, then I looked down and saw this little furry fellow stepping in the shower with me…..Billy died early 2010, no nothing to do with the shower
– Muis looking at the huge raindrops
– Doing my nails…..AGAIN
– It’s so warm that my skin is sticky so I don’t have to hold my phone while browsing through my messages
– Nice sky today, at the afternoon and in the evening
– Sipping on some non-alcoholic wine my friend Christian gave me last year….I liked it, it tasted good. Oh eh Chris….the bottle is empty now….

Highlights of July 23th


Highlights of July 23th
– Waking up early to open up the window, yay me for putting up that wire nettings yesterday. Muis went straight for the fresh air
– When I crawled back in bed Kiwi was lying on the night stand
– Later when we woke up again and went to the living room Kiwi slept in the book case for a while
– Today its is the National Day of Mourning, today finally the bodies of all those who were lost last week come home
– When I was working on the laptop Kiwi came lie with me, she is feeling hot and is in need of some cuddles
– Muis thought it is nicer and more comfy to lie down on the wire nettings for the other window instead of lying on the couch
– Sometimes I really feel like I am a regular mom…..there is no privacy or me time non so ever….Nowadays Vlinder jumps onto my lap when I’m peeing

Highlights of July 22th


Highlights of July 22th
– Yes we are up!
– Nomming on leftovers
– Getting some presents for my nephews who turn 3 y/o on monday
– Home Improvement without Pamela but with me
– Putting some wire nettings in my window so I can open them completely without the cats wondering off (or fall down..)
– Eating custard, new flavour
– Watching Prison Break with Kiwi

Highlights of July 21th


Highlights of July 21th
– Sitting with my little babe Kiwi
– And yes braids-hair
– Did a lot of cleaning today*
– All my kiddo’s were in the living room today
– Nommings!
– The original grouppicture with Churandy Martina is awesome*
– Vlinder and me made an almost purrfect catbeard together

*Picture not by me (Google / Run2Day)

Highlights of July 20th


Highlights of July 20th
– Went to a birthday party of a little girl who turned 4 y/o. She gave me this balloon to bring home with me
– Still hot so I wore my hair like this today
– Found a new picture online from yesterdays training….guess runners have a similar ‘I’m listening-pose’*
– And a cropped grouppicture, I barely made it in this picture*
– This is what I hate of being single…..cathing spiders…..ugh…when a spider is near I turn into a huge girly girl….fml
– Watching Mr. Nobody, he is such a cutie!*
– Making a start at Prison Break (never watched the last season so guess I just start over again huh)*

*Picture not by me (Twitter / Google)

Highlights of July 19th


Highlights of July 19th
– This morning we had a nice training with Run2Day, got to test the new Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 31
– We ran to the Olympic Stadion for an exclusive speed training by Churandy Martina*
– After one lap running together, he made us do a proper warm up*
– Do some running exercises*
– and take some sprints*
– At home I ate some pizza
– Muis has an serious foot fetish

*Picture not by me (Edwin / Wan / Lianne)