Highlights of November 21th


Highlights of November 21th
– Home and getting a warm welcome from Muis
– Hello weekend, we see you. Welcome back
– Bought a (summer) jumpsuit….but it has no pockets in it! Wait what?! What do I do with my hands then?!
– Banana and caramel dessert
– So is the battery of my phone half full or half emty?
– Kiwi sleeping on my leg
– Finally watching ‘7500’…not what I was expecting*

*Picture not by me (Google)

Highlights of November 20th


Highlights of November 20th
– I almost see bunnies everday while going to work or going home…not a great picture but I tried haha
– Throwback Thursday: when my cat Muis gave me a lickey….no not a hickey, that would be strange….on saturday night she was licking my stomach…yes she is a little weirdo…and the next day I had this spot and it lasted for days…
– I asked Mari if there were pictures of us when we passed the Cheerzone….well here they are….*
– Damn….guess I had fun….haha*
– Drinking some tea….a lot of tea
– Lianne and me were asked to form a team so we can participate at the Estafette Marathon in Nieuwegein. So many running friends but who to ask?! Finally we got our team: Wilbert offcourse from Amsterdam and Peter from the Junkies from Den Bosch*
– Having a lot of fun in our online chat with Junkies and Halfcrazyrunners*

*Picture not by me (Inga / Google)

Highlights of November 19th


Highlights of November 19th
– Hahaha maybe the Bible would have been a flyer then*
– Trying to write down my marathon story for my blog….my mind isn’t helping and Muis neither
– Watching ‘The Face of Love’…sad story in so many ways, but beautiful aswell*
– Found an old picture of me during the 2012 Bridge to Bridge*
– And new Zevenheuvelenloop pictures*
– Guess the fun wasn’t there at the 8km point*
– We aren’t looking that excited haha*

*Picture not by me (Google / Actionshot /Eric Béatse)

Highlights of November 18th


Highlights of November 18th
– Kiwi got almost hit in the face when I threw my washing cloth in the laundry basket this morning, wasn’t aware she was sitting there…
– I guess they are happy I’m home….
– Pictures of Mari and me during the Zevenheuvelenloop*
– We always have fun during our runs together*
– Having a relaxed run but still pr-ing….me that is, Mari is not running at his own pace when he is out running with me*
– Almost at the finishline, at this time I had a nasty cramp cause I skipped both refreshing posts*
– Luckily it didn’t hurt during the sprint and after the finishline you get some drinks aswell*

*Picture not by me (Marathonfoto)

Highlights of November 17th


Highlights of November 17th
– Udjen got me this present yesterday, still for my birthday :-)
– Udjen, Mari and me with our medals yesterday*
– It was Mari’s first time he ran the Zevenheuvelenloop. I told him the stories about the hills but I think he was still a bit surprised (in a positive way, you just fall in love with this course right away) when he saw that one hill in front of you when you are still running on top of the other one. So he had to stop to make this picture*
– Laughing about this picture, it was during a speech and it looks like Udjen, Joanna and me are not impressed….all thinking about if it is wise you eat some more*
– Mari and me sprinting towards the finishline…no I’m not faster, I just started a bit early and there wasn’t space tp run next to eachother*
– Grouppicture before Udjen and me went to the startingarea (Babette, Renee, Udjen, moi and Joanna)*
– Cuddling with Vlinder

*Picture not by me (Mari / Meeus / Joanna)

Highlights of November 16th


Highlights of November 16th
– Udjen and me on our way to the starting area, packed up together in one foil
– At the starting area with Lianne, Udjen and Mari*
– While running we bumped into Nydia!*
– Mari and me after the finishline of the Zevenheuvelenloop*
– After the fun, run and fun in Nijmegen it was time to travel to Amsterdam to see Billy Idol!
– Another great concert!
– Hope he want wait another 9 years to come back

*Picture not by me (Lianne / Mari)

Highlights of November 15th


Highlights of November 15th
– Finally bought the little dress I was eyeing on for months, it was now on sale for €1,-
– Don’t you just love it when someone else buys you clothes aswell? Such a lovely and trendy poncho..*
– Hahaha….well mine is my left one…*
– Watching the mini-serie ‘The Widower’*
– And watching ‘A Most Wanted Man’….great movie*
– Haha saw a great picture of a friend of mine which she made in Antwerp. The only response I got when I told another friend that we have to go to Antwerp was: Now? (This was around midnight)
– Tomorrow night I’m going to see Billy Idol! Yay! This is a picture I made 9 years ago. So excited!

*Picture not by me (Mari / Google)